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SQLite Manager Eclipse Plugin For Android Developers

Questoid SQLite Browser is built on top of Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS). This tool is intended for Android developers to browse SQLite db file on Android device emulator.

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SQLite Manager Eclipse Plugin For Android Developers Support Forum

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This is an assembly that generates a .il source file for emitted code with the correct breakpoints built-in for debugging purposes. It has the same binary interface with the Builder classes in System.Reflection.Emit to make it relatively painless to replace current code with this API.

Exceptional Visualizer

A Debugger Visualizer for VS 2008 that allows for effective visual tracing of an Exception stack

DbExecutor – Simple and Lightweight Database Executor

Simple and Lightweight Database Executor for .NET 4 Client Profile and all ADO.NET DbProviders(SQL Server, SQLCE, SQLite, SQL Azure, Entity SQL, MySql, Oracle, etc…).


The “verinfo” application is a command line application that will show you version information (and more!) for either a single file, multiple files or even a complete directory. It has some optional features like MD5/SHA1 generation, HTML Output, Logging Output to a file and/or System Debug Output. For that reason it comes with a own… Read More

PowerShell Debug Visualizer

Using PowerShell, you interact with .NET objects during debugging in the Visual Studio IDE.
The PowerShell Visualizer injects objects, presents a scripting window. And more….
Decorate your classes like so:
Hit a breakpoint, launch a PowerShell session and operate on that object.
Create a custom visualizer

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A live debugger console for windows client applications. Donsole stands for “Debug Console”
Donsole is a Live or RealTime tracing utility. It is difficult to investigate a windows client application after installation. You may generate large log files and trace everything, but who is going to read the logs ? What’s the use

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Debugging Extensions

The current release of the debugging extensions project contains an extension DLL called wct.dll. This extension works with the Wait Chain Traversal API introduced in Windows Vista to display a wait chain for threads on the system, and it uses the automatic deadlock detection that is part of WCT to report deadlocks when possible. The… Read More


Mindbg is a simple debugger engine written in .net 4.0 for learning purposes. If you want to learn some CLR internals and especially debugging API read my blog ( where I describe all steps of mindbg implementation.

DataSetInspector plugin for Fiddler HTTP Debugger

This is an Inspector plugin for the Fiddler HTTP Debugger to display xml datasets in a .Net DataGridView control.

Regex Builder

Regex Builder is a tool designed to help you create and debug Regular Expressions. It supports an XML file format including the source text, expression, and options to support easy debugging for non-matches from other applications. The tool also supports partial expression execution to help you find the part of the expression which isn’t matching.… Read More